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Teaching & Learning (Academics)

Scott Reeves
Asst. Superintendent, Teaching & Learning

Krista Eisenman
Executive Assistant

Cheryl Relford
Executive Director, Elementary Schools

Anne Baldwin
Executive Director, Secondary Schools

Department of Elementary Schools - responsible for supervision of the elementary programs and building principals, including Title 1 federal programs, reading intervention services

Special Needs Preschool - responsible in helping all students progress in the areas of mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, gross motor, fine motor and independence.

Department of Secondary Schools - responsible for the middle and high school programs and building principals, including Advanced Placement and the International Baccalaureate Programme.

Additionally, this office oversees extracurricular activities, which includes clubs and athletics.

Office of Assessment & Alternative Education - responsible for all district-wide data, assessments and testing protocol as well as reporting state/district/building report card data. Additionally, this office supports the Academic Affairs Team by providing an analysis of the student achievement data.  The office also directs Alternative Education Initiatives which include: the Educational Options for Success (EOS) Program, Credit Flexibility, and home schooling.

Office of Curriculum & Instruction - responsible for course of study development and textbook adoptions in all curricular areas (English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, World Language, Visual & Performing Arts, Business, Health, and Physical Education), instructional strategies and teacher professional development to improve student achievement.

504 Case Management - consultation with various educational personnel and parents to ensure the implementation of Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

English Learner Services - works to serve approximately 1,500 students with limited English proficiency.  Pupils in this program come from more than 64 countries and speak some 65 languages. 

Gifted Education - responsible for identifying and working to meet the needs of our gifted students by developing, delivering and encouraging ability-appropriate academic challenges as well as social/emotional support for the student. 

Mental Health and Wellness - a team of mental health specialists responsible for programs and services that support at-risk students and address both academic and non-academic barriers to student learning.

Health Services (Nurses) - Delivers professional health services to the school community to maximize student academic achievement and life-long wellness. School nurses strengthen partnerships with families, school professionals and community resources to proactively expand comprehensive school health services designed to promote the health of all learners.

Special Education - consistent with school districts across Ohio, 12.7 percent of Westerville’s students have been identified as disabled and in need of special education.  We continue to search for the best intervention strategies to use with all children, including children with disabilities, and our goal is that we will increasingly graduate students who are ready to continue a lifetime of learning and the highest level of individual independence possible. 

Information Systems (EMIS) & PowerSchool - Responsible for reporting EMIS data to the Ohio Department of Education and all other governing agencies.  Provides PowerSchool support to all district staff.

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