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Specialized Learning Programs

Guerdie Glass,
       Executive Director, Specialized Learning Programs

The district’s Specialized Learning Programs provide a variety of resources to help our students experience success. These programs are made up of three individual departments: Special Education, Gifted Education and English Language Learners. Each of these departments provide specific types of assistance to students and their families as they navigate their PreK-12 experience. Within each department, there are specific roles and responsibilities outlined to serve as a primary point of contact for our families who we support. 

Special Education Department
Adam Flugge, Director

Provides information, support and guidance for students with disabilities that may benefit from specially designed instruction in targeted areas of need. To find out more about our Special Education Department and our continuum of services please refer to their main website. 

Gifted Education Department
Valerie Jasinski, Coordinator

Supports students by providing a continuum of services that include a challenging learning environment and enrichment opportunities. For more information regarding our Gifted Education Program, please refer to their main website. 

English Language Learner Department
Jennifer Winters, Coordinator

Provides support for students based upon language proficiency outcomes and individual student needs. For more information about our English Learner Program, please refer to their main website.