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Immunizations For School Attendance

Ohio law requires students to have an up-to-date immunizations record or completed exemption form on file with the school within 14 days of the student’s start date to attend public school. Please view the Ohio Immunization Summary for School Attendance for details.

If documentation is not received within 14 days the student will be excluded from school and will miss school every day until documentation is provided.

It is the parent/guardian responsibility to provide immunization records.

School nurses review your student’s immunization record every year and contact you by email if your student is missing vaccines. Your student will need to receive missing vaccines in order to attend school. Please look for and respond to emails and phone calls from your school nurse. Notify your school nurse if your student has a scheduled appointment to receive missing immunizations.

Call your student’s pediatrician office to request a copy of their immunization record and ask if your student is due for vaccines required for school. Updated immunization records can be sent or dropped off at your student’s school.

If a family has a philosophical/religious objection or the student has a medical reason they cannot receive vaccines, an Immunization Exemption Form must be completed. This form is available on the WCS website, enrollment center, or from your school nurse.

When students follow a typical immunization schedule vaccines are due before starting Kindergarten, before starting 7th grade, and before starting 12th grade. A new record or exemption form needs to be submitted before each of these grades.

If your student is behind on immunizations and catching up, your school nurse and/or medical provider will let you know when immunizations are due for your student.

Local Immunization Resources

If you need assistance with finding a location for your student to receive immunizations, please contact your school nurse for help.

In addition to your student’s primary care provider, immunizations can be administered at the below locations. (Call location and/or check website for details.)

Please visit the websites for vaccine cost, clinic times, locations, and to schedule an appointment.

Be sure to take your student’s immunization record, parent/guardian photo ID, and insurance card with you to the clinic visit.

Columbus Public Health Department 
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Franklin County Public Health Department 
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Delaware County Public Health Department
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Some local pharmacies
Check vaccine availability and age requirement