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Key Target Areas

Equity: 10 Key Target Areas

These 10 Key Equity Targets reflect the work of the district’s Race and Equity Task Force that were developed in the summer of 2020. The targets can be embedded in the District’s Strategic Plan. Efforts to address the key targets will be supported by the District and Building Equity teams. 


  1. Continue to prioritize, develop and sustain equity work and culturally responsive education for all students, staff and families in the district by ensuring the district and building budget process includes opportunities to request funding and resources intended to support equity programs on an annual basis. 
  2. Continue to analyze academic and discipline processes, procedures, and data to identify the district and building growth areas and blind spots regarding equity, and generate recommendations for intervention. 
  3. Revitalize and support the goal of district and building equity teams to address disparities and inequities in achievement, discipline, engagement, and social emotional well-being for students across all populations including students of color. 
  4. Ensure that academic achievement of students of color and all underperforming student groups is a primary focus of the district continuous improvement plan. (Students of color in this context can refer specifically to Black students, Biracial students, Hispanics students, or any combination thereof in each building as a result of data-driven identification). 
  5. Ensuring the reduction of discipline disparities of students of color, and other populations of students, is a primary focus of the district's continuous improvement plan.
  6. Continue to maintain as a goal to recruit, hire, retain, and support racially diverse administrative, instructional, and support personnel. 
  7. Provide and require professional development for all staff focused on equity and issues of race and bias. 
  8. Provide and require professional development that supports the inclusion of evidence-based culturally responsive instructional practices consistent with OTES. 
  9. Take action to ensure the current and future board adopted curriculum and materials include content that is reflective of our diverse student population. 
  10. Continue to support the creation of Family/Community Engagement and Empowerment opportunities.