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Dyslexia Support Laws

Meeting Ohio’s Dyslexia Support Laws

The 133rd Ohio General Assembly passed legislation concerning the screening of and intervention for children with dyslexia. Ohio’s dyslexia support laws (ORC 3323.25, 3323.251, 3319.077 and 3319.078) established requirements for the formation of the Ohio Dyslexia Committee, teacher professional development for identifying dyslexia and instructing students with dyslexia, dyslexia screening measures and a structured literacy certification process for teachers. Portions of these laws go into effect during the 2023-2024 school year. Learn more about how WCS is meeting these requirements below.

Screening and Progress Monitoring

(ORC 3323.251)

  1. Administer a tier 1 dyslexia screening measure to all students in grades K-3.

  2. Administer a tier 1 dyslexia screening measure to students in grades 4-6 whose parent, guardian, teacher (with parent’s permission) requests.
  3. Students determined to be at risk from the tier 1 dyslexia screening measure will be progress-monitored for up to six weeks. Students who do not demonstrate progress will be administered a tier 2 dyslexia screening measure.

WCS will:

  • Use DIBELs as our Tier I Dyslexia Screener, progress monitoring tool and Tier II Screener

Teacher Professional Development

(ORC 3319.077)

  1. Teachers will complete professional development that is evidence-based and requires instruction and training for identifying characteristics of dyslexia and understanding the pedagogy for instructing students with dyslexia.


  • By the beginning of the 2023- 2024 school year: Kindergarten and First grade (all teachers)
  • By the beginning of the 2024- 2025 school year: Second and Third grade (all teachers)
  • By the beginning of the 2025-2026 school year: Fourth through Twelfth grade (intervention specialists)

WCS will:

  • Offer multiple training offerings beginning in the Winter of 2023 and continue to offer on a yearly basis aligned with the law

Communication with Parents, Guardians and Custodians

(ORC 3323.251)

  1. Parent, guardian or custodian of students who are determined to be at risk from the universal screener must be notified.
  2. Families of students who are progress monitored and do not demonstrate progress within the six-week period must be notified that an intervention based diagnostic assessment (tier 2 screener) will be administered.  
  3. Families must receive the results of the tier 2 screening measure within 30 days of administration.
  4. If a student demonstrates markers for dyslexia, the parent, guardian or custodian must be provided a written explanation of the district or school’s structured literacy program.

WCS will:

  • Use a district created notification letter that includes required items
  • Provide resources for families on Dyslexia and Structured Literacy at Curriculum Nights, Online, and in screener notification letters

Structured Literacy Certification Process

(ORC 3319.078)

  1. Districts must establish a structured literacy certification process for teachers providing instruction for students in grades kindergarten through three employed by the district. Each process must align with this guidebook.

WCS will:

  • Continue to offer a year long Orton Gillingham certification program facilitated by WCS Staff

Concerned about your child’s reading ability?

Westerville City School is here to help. Reach out to your child’s teacher to learn more about your child’s progress and what the school can do to support you. Below are some additional resources to check out to learn more!