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Honors Diplomas

Beginning with the Class of 2018, students have the ability to earn one of six honors diplomas.  Below is information from the Ohio Department of Education about each type of diploma.  Please note that students in the Class of 2023 and beyond will use Transeo to track their Honors Diploma progress.  See your school counselor for more information.

What are Honors Diplomas?

High school students can gain state recognition for exceeding Ohio’s graduation requirements through an honors diploma. Students challenge themselves by taking and succeeding at high-level coursework and in real-world experiences.

Ohio students have the opportunity to choose to pursue one of six honors diplomas:

  1. Academic Honors Diploma
  2. International Baccalaureate Honors Diploma
  3. Career Tech Honors Diploma
  4. STEM Honors Diploma
  5. Arts Honors Diploma*
  6. Social Science and Civic Engagement Honors Diploma 

*includes dance, drama/theatre, music, and visual art.

Students interested in pursuing an International Baccalaureate, Career Tech, STEM, Arts, or Social Science and Civic Engagement Honors Diploma will be required to complete a field experience, portfolio, or both. 

You can find additional WCS Honors Diploma Guidance documents below:

  • Honors Diploma Worksheets
    • Work through what requirements you have met/ plan to meet for each type of honors diploma.  
    • Each worksheet provides additional information on what WCS courses qualify as elective courses for the STEM,  Arts,  and   Social   Science and CivicEngagement Honors Diplomas.
  • Developing a Portfolio WCS Guidance
    • This document will assist you in curating a portfolio and includes information about submitting your portfolio for review. 
  • Pursuing a Field Experience WCS Guidance
    • As you work with a mentor to develop a field experience that aligns with your interest,  this guidance document will assist you in documenting your work.


I'd like to earn an Honors Diploma. What is next?

Please share your intent to pursue one of these Honors Diplomas by completing this survey ( so that your school counselor and the WCS College and Career Readiness Office can provide additional guidance and follow up throughout the school year. 

A Schoology course is being created for students who are pursuing the Honors Diplomas and those who complete the survey will be invited to join.

Class of 2022: please note that final submission of all Honors Diploma requirements by April 29, 2022  is required in order to be recognized at your school's senior awards program.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your school counselor!


Page last updated 9/17/21