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Enrollment and Overflow for Elementary Schools

Staffing, Open Enrollment, and Overflow



Staffing levels at each school and at each grade level are determined by enrollment projections from the previous school year and overall building capacity. Throughout the summer months, enrollment and staffing levels are monitored regularly to ensure that each school has ample staff to accommodate the students enrolled at the school.

Intra-District Open Enrollment

Parents and families have the option of applying for Intra-District Open Enrollment to any elementary building in the district, excluding Hanby and Emerson Elementary Schools.  If you have questions about Open Enrollment, please click here.


Though every effort is made to ensure that there is enough staff at each grade level in each building to accommodate the students enrolled in each individual school, there are times when enrollment reaches capacity at a building, causing students to be assigned, or “overflowed”, to another elementary school in the district.  When a student is overflowed to another school, the district considers existing transportation and average class size before identifying the new school of attendance.

  • Overflow and Siblings
    Every attempt is made to keep siblings of overflowed students in the same school as the sibling, though this is not always possible.

  • Overflow and Transportation
    Transportation from the home school to the overflow school of attendance in the morning and back to the home school in the afternoon is provided by the district. 

  • Overflow and Returning to the Home School
    Should space become available at a school in an overflow grade, students are invited to return to the home school at predetermined times throughout the year, in the order by which students enrolled in Westerville City Schools.  The home schools will extend these invitations, if possible.