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Achievement Records for Elementary Schools

Westerville City Schools' curriculum is aligned to Ohio’s New Learning Standards in all content areas. A student's individual achievement on these standards is measured on attainment of these learning goals.

Children and their learning are too complex to be reduced to a simple letter grade. Our reporting system is not a grade card in the traditional sense. The achievement marks indicate a child's progress towards achieving mastery on each specific grade level standard as identified by the Ohio Department of Education. This is a shift in thinking from traditional A, B, C, D, F grades to the 3, 2, 1 markings, in that a  3 is the goal for the grade level and should be celebrated. This system will allow teachers, parents and students to monitor progress towards achievement of the standards not with just one overall mark, but in many strands found within the standards.

The best example is mathematics. Traditionally, math was just math, with one overall grade or mark. Under Ohio's Learning Standards in Mathematics, we know math contains many different sub-standards like measurement, geometry, operations and algebraic thinking. Our system will inform you on the specific learning progression of your student.

3 = The student has met end-of-year expectations for the standards.
Achieving grade level standards successfully, clearly on track

A student earning a "3" demonstrates understanding of grade level skills and concepts and requires minimal support. A "3" throughout the school year indicates strong, excellent work at grade level and that the student is ready to be challenged beyond the grade-level standard. The "3" mark is the GOAL for the grade level and should be celebrated.

2 = The student is on track to meet grade level standards.
Progressing toward achieving grade level standards with some support

A student earning a "2" has not yet met the standards but is on track to achieve skills and learning grade level concepts. Moderate support from teachers, parents, and/or peers may be needed. A "2" indicates ongoing growth.

1 = The student needs support to achieve the grade level standards.
Skills are limited, frequent support needed

A student earning a "1" is currently not meeting the grade level standards.  The student demonstrates an inconsistent understanding and application of knowledge.  Intervention is needed from teachers and parents.

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