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Educational Options for Success

Nicholas McIlwain
Director, Alternative Education & Assessment

Sue Bell, Secretary
(EOS, Home School)
(614) 797-7754  /  (614) 797-7750  EXT: 56101

The Educational Options for Success (EOS) program, located at 336 South Otterbein Avenue, provides students and teachers with non-traditional classroom space where students learn in an unconventional casual, open environments.

An alternative approach to the traditional school, EOS utilizes a maximum student-teacher ratio of 15 to 1; the establishment of clear instructional/behavioral goals and objectives for each student; high expectations for grades, appropriate behavior, and attendance; and, a credit recovery approach that facilitates an opportunity to get back “on-track” or to accelerate credit attainment.

The EOS program is a very strong community asset for Westerville with the program having continued success in producing high school graduates who were considered disenfranchised and highly at-risk youth.  It has not only helped hundreds of at-risk pupils to complete their high school education, but it has recouped state funding which is lost when students drop out or leave the district to pursue other educational avenues.  This program has been in existence since February 2000. EOS serves approximately 175 students each school year.  Students served at the AEC include:

  • Students who opt to come to EOS in lieu of expulsion for the duration of the prescribed time of their expulsion for academic programming only. This is an alternative academic program during their exclusionary period.
  • Students who are over age and under-credited and are considering dropping out.
  • Students who have dropped out and/or experienced failure in a charter school alternative or home school situation.
  • Students who are seeking an alternative to the traditional school setting and are interested in pursuing specific goals and/or aspirations.

The expansion and relocation of the EOS program has enabled the district to continue to provide a quality choice for students and parents and has leveled the playing field so the district can gain a competitive advantage over its charter school counterparts. 

Westerville’s EOS program continues to receive well-deserved praise from students, parents, educators, and taxpayers.  In 2013, EOS was identified as a model program for dropout prevention by the National Dropout Prevention Center /Network (NDPC/N).  In 2015, EOS received the prestigious Apex Award of Excellence for excellence in implementing blended and virtual learning programs that result in higher student achievement.

EOS staff are committed to providing Westerville students with guidance and support in order to assist them with the development of their fullest potential as it may apply to future goals and pursuits

For more information regarding the EOS program, contact our program office at 614-797-7750.