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Senate Bill 288, Erin’s Law

This legislation updated the prescribed curriculum for health education, adding requirements related to child sexual abuse prevention, dating violence prevention and sexual violence prevention. The law also includes parent and legal guardian notification and training for school personnel.  

Grade 6

Schools are now required to provide developmentally appropriate instruction in child sexual abuse prevention to students in grades kindergarten through six. This instruction is to occur annually and include information on available counseling and resources for children who are sexually abused. 

Middle School and High School Health Classes

Schools are also required to provide developmentally appropriate instruction in dating violence prevention education and sexual violence prevention education to students in grades seven through twelve. This instruction will take place in Health class and must include recognizing dating violence warning signs and characteristics of healthy relationships. This content has been part of our curriculum since 2010. 

Senate Bill 288 Curriculum

The district has collaborated and evaluated resources to meet this requirement and for grade 6, the instruction will take place over two days during your child’s regularly scheduled Physical Education classes in the month of March or April.  For seventh grade students in Health and for high school students currently enrolled in Health, this instruction will take place during Unit Two: Healthy Relationships, which will take place in February. The instruction and information cannot be connected in any way to any individual, entity, or organization that provides, promotes, counsels or makes referrals for abortion or abortion-related services. 

Review of Senate Bill 288 Materials

Under state law (Ohio Revised Code 3313.60), parents and legal guardians have the right to review the curriculum material related to child sexual abuse and sexual violence prevention. You may review curriculum materials by providing a written request to your child’s principal. Upon receiving the request, the principal will allow the parent or guardian to examine curriculum materials at the school within 48 hours.

You may exempt your child from participating in any part of the district’s child sexual abuse prevention and sexual violence prevention education. Your child’s principal will be making the opt-out form available to families soon. If you choose to opt your child out of this instruction, your child’s teacher may assign alternative health lessons or activities unrelated to this topic. Your child will not be subject to any disciplinary action, academic penalty, or other sanction.

K-5 Parent Notification of SB288

6-12 Parent Notification of SB288