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All WCSD families report student absences through a secure system called SafeArrival. In addition to reducing the time it takes to verify student attendance, this system gives families more options to report a child’s absence and allows our staff to immediately investigate discrepancies. This is especially important when a child is reported absent during attendance and the office has not notified that the student would be missing school that day. 

Families are able to report and/or schedule absences through any of the following options: 

  • An app on their mobile device, (SafeArrival has a blue icon and the words SchoolMessenger)
  • A secure website, or 
  • A toll-free telephone number (1-844-431-0874)

The SafeArrival app is convenient, the toll-free number is districtwide, and the dedicated website also provides access to an archive of messages sent to families through the district’s notification system. 

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