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WSHS recognizes Fall 2023 Cats with Class

WSHS recognizes Fall 2023 Cats with Class

More than 60 Westerville South High School students were recognized as “Cats with Class,” a long-standing WSHS tradition that honors students who demonstrate kindness and good school citizenship.

Wednesday’s program featured breakfast and remarks from WSHS alum, assistant basketball coach and history teacher Trevor Kielmeyer.

“You are important,” Kielmeyer said to honorees, family members and staff members during Wednesday’s event. “What your parents have given you is critical. You need to share it. You do good for others. I can’t tell you how important you are… People with class like you are the cure for what ails our culture.”

The Cats with Class program is jointly sponsored by WSHS and the Academic Boosters. Students can only win it once during their time at WSHS. In addition to a certificate, recipients received a Cats with Class T-shirt, treats and letters written by their nominating teachers.

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