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WCSD high school athletes of all abilities come together for AllN Olympics

WCSD high school athletes of all abilities come together for AllN Olympics

Westerville North High School hosted its second annual AllN Olympics, where students with multiple disabilities across the district’s three high schools came together for an inclusive sporting event. WNHS athletes served as their support peers, running each event and helping the AllN Olympians through each activity.

The AllN Olympics — named after WNHS’ branded hashtag — featured five stations with activities created by the district’s adaptive physical education teacher. They include a 4x100m relay, bowling with pumpkins of a variety of sizes, hurdle race with 6-inch hurdles, a javelin throw with balls or foam javelins, and a soccer goal where students kick balls from various locations toward the net. 

AllN Olympians competed in groups that featured representation from all three high schools. WNHS athletes involved in the Warrior Athletic Leadership Team managed the stations, racing alongside their peers, helping them hold onto equipment or holding their hand as they leapt over hurdles. 

The event culminated with a closing ceremony where each student received a medal, their choice of a jersey from Westerville Central or Westerville South and an opportunity to ring WNHS’ victory bell. 

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