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Our vision is to be the benchmark of educational excellence.


Our mission is to prepare students to contribute to the competitive and changing
world in which we live.


The Westerville School District and those who represent it acknowledge that an educational institution must promote, uphold and reflect the values for which it stands, as well as those for which its community stands, in all work and learning environments under its care. Driven by a vision to be the benchmark of educational excellence, the Westerville School District strives daily to exemplify the following organizational values:

We recognize individuality and that every person has worth, dignity, and the right and ability to learn and contribute.

We believe every person should have an equal opportunity to access and participate in all educational offerings.

We are an integral part of the community and contribute to its success.

We foster opportunities to listen, question, reflect, and share thoughts, ideas and insights.

We embrace our diversity, interdependence, and the importance of learning from and with each other throughout life.

We encourage creativity in the advancement of new ideas.

We ensure a safe and welcoming environment that allows every person to maximize his or her potential and character.

We deliver on our commitments and demonstrate consistency between our actions and our words.

We are accountable to our students, our community, and each other.

Learning & Teaching Roadmap

Creating a Culture of 21st Century Learning

The Westerville City School District during the 2013-14 school year completed a process to review the Learning and Teaching model that was in place at the time, and to support the development of a model that is more reflective of a 21st Century system. The process resulted in a comprehensive Learning and Teaching Roadmap that provides a framework for the direction of Learning and Teaching in the future. The model includes a district-level approach to how technology is integrated into every classroom.