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A+ Award Information

Update: The A+ Award was initially intended to acknowledge the contributions of individual employees. Over the years the committee has reviewed nominations that have included a group of employees who worked together and went above and beyond. The award nomination process includes the option of a nominator presenting either an individual employee or a group of employees.

A+ awards are presented to an individual employee or a group of employees who distinguish themselves through a single or ongoing demonstration of exemplary performance. The selection committee's decision is guided by evaluating how each nominee's actions demonstrate:

     *Support of the district's Mission Statement, which is, "To prepare students to contribute to the competitive
       and changing world in which we live;"
     *Willingness to go above and beyond normal expectations in support of students; and
     *Behavior consistent with one or more of the district's values, including respect, inclusiveness, community,  
       communication, collaboration, innovation, nurturing, trust and accountability.

Note: The committee shares that nominations that provide specific and clear examples of how the nominee demonstrated the stated qualities are more likely to receive favorable support.

Deadline is FRIDAY, March 10, 2023 at 3:30 p.m. Nominees will be notified of the status of their nomination by late March and will be recognized at the April 10, 2023 Board of Education meeting.

To submit a nomination click on the Google Forms link