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Enrollment: Upcoming School Year

To register:

Step 1Collect all required documents (Student's Birth certificate; Parent Photo ID; Current Lease or Current Mortgage Statement; Current Utility Bill; Immunizations)

Step 2Complete the online enrollment application and include a current working email address for the legal guardian

Step 3At the end of your online application, please schedule an Application Review date and time.  Because there is no face-to-face meeting, this provides the opportunity for your application to be reviewed by a WCS Enrollment Specialist who will contact you through your provided email.  For each student you are enrolling, you will need to submit one application for review. Please try to select consecutive application review slots that are 30 minutes apart.

Once you have scheduled your Application Review date and time, please do not reschedule it, as changing it will delay your enrollment processing.

Please note that all communication will be through email. 


  • Your application must be completed within 30 days to avoid deletion due to inactivity.
  • For questions or clarification, you can contact the WCS Enrollment Center staff via email communication (see Staff Listing) or by calling (614) 797-7700.  

Residency or Custody:

If you have received correspondence regarding residency or custody concerns, please scan and email the required documentation to the email address that was provided in your letter.  Thank you!

Contact Information:

Front Desk / Receptionist: (614) 797-7700
Main Fax: (614) 797-7701
Staff Listing

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For Students Entering from Abroad

Change of Address

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