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Food Service

Food Service Office
936 Eastwind Drive, Suite 200
Westerville, OH 43081
614-797-5993/ Fax:  (614) 797-5901

Brent Kasler
Director, Food Services

Daniel Parton
Coordinator, Food Service

Charles Gaston
Asst. Manager (Part time), Food Service

Stephanie Arnold
Food Service Secretary
(614) 797-5993 / Fax:  (614) 797-5901

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2023-2024 School Year Updates:

Lunch Applications for the 2023-24 School Year are once again required to qualify for free or reduced school lunches.

There are several District and External Benefits that you may qualify for by filling out the lunch application in addition to the free or reduced lunches. Access to submit applications online has been turned off for the summer, but paper applications can be submitted at your students school or at the district office. 

The "Meal Deal" is required to for free or reduced meals or to meet the standard price for paid meals. All individual items, Al a Carte, and additional entrees will have an additional fee. 

Breakfast Meal Deal consists of a grain and up to 2 choices of fruit
Lunch Meal Deal consists of a protein/grain (main course), choice of up to 2 veggies and/or a fruit. 1% milk is included with all meals. 

Refunds of Lunch Money: If you are moving out of the district, or if you have a student who has graduated, you may request a refund of any monies left in their lunch account.  Please complete the Refund/Donation of Lunch Account Balance form and send into the Food Service Department.  The form can be found in the documents on this page.  

Last Day Checks Accepted: Checks, Cash & Money Orders will continue to be accepted in the cafeteria. The last day checks will be accepted for the school year is May 12, 2024.

School Closings: School closings due to inclement weather cause a change in the lunch menu. Please note that the day of return after a snow day, the snow day’s menu will be used. If we have school closed for successive days because of bad weather, the lunch menu on the returning day will still be that of the first snow day. The following day the school lunch menu will return to the printed menu.


School closed School Reopens Menu used on
1st day back
Menu on
2nd day
Jan 17 Jan 18 Jan 17 Jan 19
Jan 27, 28 Jan 29 Jan 27 Jan 30

If you have any questions please call your school's cafeteria manager.

*** “This institution is an equal opportunity provider.”

Allergen Information

Refunds & Donations

  • Refund / Donation Form
    Please fill out this form for graduating seniors or if you are leaving the district to get a lunch refund, transfer to another student, or donate lunch funds to students with a need. All funds for all grades follow the child through each grade and do not need to be refunded yearly.

Daily Lunch Schedule

  • Lunch Schedule 2023-2024
    Lunch is scheduled per building and subject to change at the building Administrations discretion. Times will also change during delays and early starts. Some buildings may vary by 5 to 10 minutes.

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