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At home link for Clever (single sign on for TenMarks, Schoology, and Lexia)


Typical Homework Schedule

*Please check agendas nightly for more detail or changes!*

Monday - Read 20 minutes (new log), math sheet  and study spelling words
Tuesday- Read 20 minutes,  math sheet (Spelling Tests are on Tuesdays)
Wednesday - Read 20 minutes, 10 sentences and math sheet (new spelling words)
Thursday - Read 20 minutes (log due tomorrow) and math sheet
Friday - Read 20 minutes over the weekend and study for Tuesday's spelling test

Extra practice on Lexia or TenMarks is always available and encouraged!

*Changes are made as needed, and it is the student's responsibility to know what assignments are due!*

Nagy, W. E., R. C. Anderson, and P. A. Herman. 1987. Learning word meanings from context during normal reading. American Educational Research Journal 24: 237–70 - See more at:


Spelling Sentence Rules

1. Use at least one spelling word in each sentence.

2. Sentences must be meaningful and have at least five words.

3. Use correct punctuation and capitalization.

4. Number each sentence and skip lines between sentences.



News Panel
Each week, three students are chosen to participate in the News Panel. Students are chosen on Fridays, and are given an entire week to prepare before presenting. 

There are three jobs in each News Panel:

Art Anchor: The art anchor is responsible for leading the news panel and for reading about an artist or a piece of artwork from a book or the internet.

Literature Critic: The literature critic writes a review of a story that he/she is reading, and also reads a page from the book to the class.

Meteorologist: The meteorologist reports on the weather for the week and announces class birthdays.


Symbaloo Links

Click on the following links to see specific resources to practice and prepare!




Language Arts:






Social Studies:



Classroom Wish List

PENCILS!  Ticonderoga preferred

Extra notebooks

Loose leaf paper

Graphing paper (varying sizes)

General art supplies – I’ll find a way to use it all! 

Games for indoor recess (used preferred!)


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