7th Grade Boys Basketball  

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Dear parent or guardian,

            Welcome to an exciting new season of 7th grade boys basketball.  Throughout the years Heritage has been blessed with involved parents and we would like to continue this tradition by inviting you to support our team.  This involves supporting their academic success as well as helping out with the team keeping uniforms clean and providing food before home and away games.  In the past, parents and guardians have arranged a rotation to provide food.  Please consider that foods with high protein and whole grains are the best option for our young athletes to do well on the court. 

            Our goal is to coach and teach every student athlete to the best of our ability.  It is always in our minds to make sure every student has playing time during games, although we can not guarantee equal time between players.  You are invited to email or speak with us about an athlete’s academic or athletic progress, however, please do so during school hours not directly after a game.  Involved parents and guardians are an essential part of not only academic success but also the success of the basketball team.  We do appreciate your involvement.

Thank you for your support and “Let’s Go Huskies”!


Coach Thuman

  • Changes to Schedule Have Been Made

    1. We will not practice on Nov. 20th due to a concert in the gym.

    2. A scrimmage was scheduled for Nov. 25th at Newark Liberty Middle School.

    3. Please take a look at the links regarding the schedule and the team meal. I forgot to mention that we will not have team meals over break, or on Saturdays, therefore if you signed up on one of those dates you may select a date from the ones that are still available (you can use the Google doc to do this)


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