AR Expectations (Accelerated Reader)

Students have each set a goal based on the previous quarters performance. These goals are documents in their binders on a gold sheet of paper. Goals have two parts: number of books, and number of points. Chapter books are obviously going to be worth more points and take longer to read than a shorter picture book. Because of this, students are rewarded with more points when reading a chapter book. If they read fewer books than their goal but still reach their required point total then they have met their goal for the quarter.

The process for AR goes as follows:

1. Find a high interest, appropriately marked book, with your dot color.

2. Read the book, cover to cover!

3. Write a fiction or nonfiction report on the book, based on its genre.

4. Log into Renaissance Place and take a quiz on this book. You can only do this at school, and you should have your report  and the book with you as you take this quiz. Go back in the book and look for the correct answer if you forget!

5. Write your score you received from the quiz on your report paper and record the book title, score and points earned, on the gold sheet in your binder. 

6. Turn your report in to Ms. Comella on the AM or PM shelf.

7. Pick another book!!!