HOMEWORK activities for your fiction or Nonfiction text


Click the homework link to the left side of this page for comprehension activities for ANY fiction or nonfiction text. If for some reason we do not have school, or your child does not their homework binder, read any text for 15 minutes and choose an activity to complete. Please use capitals, proper punctuation and complete sentences when answering the question. Mimimum 8 sentences. 



Reader's Response Journal Prompts




1. Create a timeline of events from what you have read.

2. Describe the major conflict in your story. How do you predict it will be resolved?

3. What part of the story would you change and why?

4. The climax of the story is the most exciting or interesting part. Tell what you think the climax

   of this book is and why.

5. What did you think was the most interesting part of the book and why?

6. Describe the most exciting part of the book and be sure to give at least three reasons to

  support your response.

7. Explain how the conflict was resolved in the story,


1.  Describe how the setting of the book made it more interesting to the reader.

2. Compare and contrast the setting to where you live.



1.  List the main characters and provide a brief description for each of them.

2. How does one of the characters change throughout the story? Why did they change?

3. Describe how the story would be different if it were from another character's point of view.

4. Find one word (character trait) that describes your character. List 3 examples from the story

  that support this.

5. Draw a character sketch of the main character. Don't forget to describe their physical

  characteristics as well as at least 3 character traits.

6. Create another character for your story and explain how his/her presence in the story might

   change what happens.

7. Create a Facebook "status update" or Twitter "tweet" as if you were the main character in

   the novel. Explain how you are feeling in 140 characters or less.

8. Write about at least three problems the main character faced. How did the main character  

   solve each problem?


1. Predict what will happen next using at least one clue from the text.

2. I can infer that the character is feeling ... because ...

3. I inferred that.... because....


1. After reading, I wonder ...

2. I don't understand ...

3. List 4 questions you have for one of the characters you would like to meet in real life.

4. I am confused about ... because ...

Determining Importance

1. In one paragraph, state the main idea of your book.

2. What do you think the most important part of your book has been thus far or after reading?

3. In this chapter/story the main event was ...

4. Describe the author's purpose by explaining why the author wrote this story.


1. Paraphrase (summarize in your own words) the beginning of your book.

2. Summarize the last chapter of your book in a paragraph.


1. I was most surprised when ... because ...

2. Explain how you can apply what you've learned from this book in your life.

3. How would you change your own "real life" to be more like the world in your story?

4. I would change this part of the story ... because ...


1. Draw a visualization of the main setting in your book.

2. Make an 8 section comic book strip with captions showing the main events from the story.

3. Think about what you just read. Draw the most important part from that chapter to show the

   picture you were visualizing in your mind.



1. Describe on event from the story and how you were able to connect this to something in  

  your own life

2. Tell about a time something similar to what happened in the story happened to you.

3. Describe something you have read that is similar to this book. How were you able to make

   this connection?

4. Compare and contrast the main character to yourself. A Venn diagram might be helpful for


5. Describe something that happened in the story. Explain how you were able to make a text-

  to-world connection.


1. Identify the theme (the message the author wants you to get) of this book. Use at least 2 examples to support your response.

2. Describe how the character's struggle helped you identify the theme.

Book Responses

1. Create a WANTED poster for the antagonist (someone who is against the protagonist, or

  hero, in your book).

2. Write a letter to someone recommending this book.

3. Is this book title a good one or a poor one and why?

4. You're a movie critique. Critique this book as if it were a movie. Write a paragraph  

   supporting your opinion with examples from the text. Don't forget to give it a rating!

5. I admire ...

6. I thought it was funny when ...

7. Create your own design for the front and back covers of the novel.

8. What was the most boring part of the novel? What would you change about it to make it more exciting for the reader?