Parents Info:Medications for Washington D.C Trip

Regarding ALL medication on the Washington D.C. Trip

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Prescribed medication: WCS Requires 5330 F1 Completed by parent and the prescribing doctor and returned to the clinic (scanned and emailed ok. BEFORE THE MORNING OF THE TRIP. Medication will be kept and administered by a teacher chaperone who has received medication training by an RN. On day of departure you will bring the exact number of pills that will be required in a pharmacy labeled bottle with student’s name and give to their chaperone. exceptions for this are for inhalers and epipens.

*If you would like your child to carry their own inhaler please fill out form (5330 F3-Authorization of Student Possession and Use of an Asthma Inhaler)

*Students with OTC (over the counter) medications:

a. 5330 F1a Self-administration ) filled out by you and given to me BEFORE THE MORNING OF THE TRIP.

b. This medication can be kept by the student and used as needed per your instructions. THEY CANNOT SHARE THE MEDICINE WITH OTHER STUDENTS! When OTC forms are on file for your student 18/19 school year ,you do not need to have more forms filled out.

Gratefully serving Blendon Students,

Tressa Rudik R.N. School Nurse FAX (614) 797-6401

click here for 5330F1

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