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What about my student?
  • When can my student go back to pe/ sports?

    Returning to Play 1. Returning to play is specific for each person, depending on the sport. Starting 4/26/13, Ohio law requires written permission from a health care provider before an athlete can return to play. Follow instructions and guidance provided by a health care professional. It is important that you, your child and your child’s coach follow these instructions carefully. 2. Your child should NEVER return to play if he/she still has ANY symptoms. (Be sure that your child does not have any symptoms at rest and while doing any physical activity and/or activities that require a lot of thinking or concentration). 3. Be sure that the athletic trainer, coach and physical education teacher are aware of your child’s injury and symptoms. 4. Your athlete should complete a step-by-step exercise -based progression, under the direction of a qualified healthcare professional. 5. A sample activity progression is listed below. Generally, each step should take no less than 24 hours so that your child’s full recovery would take about one week once they have no symptoms at rest and with moderate exercise.* 

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