Cast List

It was extremely difficult to make the decisions. Everyone blew my expectations out of the water with their auditions. It is understandable to be disappointed when not receiving the role desired, but we are all on the same TEAM! You are all very talented and are needed to put on a wonderful and amazing play.

If you do not see your name on the cast list you will be placed into a non-speaking role or a female acting in a male role. You may also have spoken to me about being a stage hand.


Roles will be changed if grades and behavior are not meeting expectations.

Cast in order of appearance:

Narrator-Gabrielle McCrea

Princess Airiana- Janelle Guilbault

Goldilocks- Janiya Kadi

Julius- Nick Martz

King Alexander- Brain Philips

Logan McCartney Chad Schumacher

Bryce- Chaz Perkins

Sam- Harry Passerrello

Magic Mirror- Kaya Williams

General of Royal Army- Avarie Sparrow

Fairy Godmother- Kimmy Potter

Hansel-Noah Shedie

Gretel- Marilyn Diaz

Baby Bear- Lexi Bristol

Little Red Riding Hood- Jessica Moon

Mrs. Riding Hood- Jessica Adkins

Princess Cinderella- Emma Fury

Princess Snow White- Mackenzie Little

Princess Aurora – Ali Simpson

Princess Ariel- Maddie Jones

Princess  Belle- Rachael Skidmore

Princess Tiana- Naprei Ingram

Princess Rapunzel- Grace Sherman

Prince Philip- Harry Passerrello

Prince Eric- Eli Detemple

Prince (The Beast)- Parker Wilson

Prince Flynn Rider- Chaz Perkins

King Magnus- Leo Woodburn

Queen Eleanor- Reese Herrell

Priest- Parker Wilson

Logan’s Mom- Abigail Burkey

Justin Bieber- Eli Detemple

Adam Gingerbread- Noah Shedie