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  • 11/8/13

    Drama Club

    Dear Guardians,

    I am excited to see students desiring to be a part of this club. This will be a great opportunity for students to find a role in the arts community. The importance of every role on and off the stage will be stressed!

    Student thespians will be expected to keep a grade point average of a 1.75 or higher. This requirement is the same requirement for student athletes. If student thespian is disciplined during school, consequences may affect their participation in Drama Club. Student thespians and their parents are responsible for transportation home after each practice. There is an activity fee of $15 for participation in the Drama Club. Please make checks to Westerville City Schools.

    Once our cast of student thespians is assembled additional information will be distributed. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at: or visit my staff page at the district website.

    Meeting times are after school from 3:00-4:30:

    November 14

    November 20

    December 5

    December 12

    Auditions for the first play will be held the 19-20 of December. Watch for details!

    Thank you for the opportunity to work with awesome Walnut Spring Middle Schoolers!!!


    Caitlyn Benabdallah

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