Awesome Astronomy Websites

Astronomy Websites:

Quizlet Astronomy Flashcards 
(click "Flashcards" to study words, "Learn" to practice words, and "Test" to take a practice test)

BBC School Science Clips: Earth, Sun and Moon


Study Jam Video: A Day on Earth


Study Jam Video: The Universe


Day Night Demonstrator


Teacher's Domain: Earth in Motion - Seasons


Discover Simulation: Patterns in the Sky (Revolution, Seasons)

Seasons - click on a season for a description


MacGraw-Hill Seasons


Seasons - Slide to a different season and observe tilt, sun position in sky

Seasons Simulator: Drag person to change latitude

Children's University of Manchester: Sunrise and Sunset

Children's University of Manchester: Shadow Lengths


Teacher's Domain: Observe Sunrise and Sunset


Teacher's Domain: Characteristics of the Sun


Planetarium - Interactive Star and Sky Website


Earth, Sun, and Moon: Simulated Research Trip through Asteroid Belt

NASA Sun Booklet Interactive


Engineering Interact: Sun Facts

Discover Simulation: Sun and Stars during the day


Discover Simulation: Stars


Current Moon Phase


Time Ticker Time Zone Clocks

Brain Pop! Fly to Mars

Brain Pop! Mars Video

Prezi to Compare and Contrast the Inner and Outer Planets

Solar System jigsaw Puzzle (Click on Planet Level to put planets in order)

Astronomy Kids: The Solar System - click on an object for more information


Planet brochure Project


NASA Solar System Explorer


NASA Sun Photos


Shoot a Cannonball into Space


Living in Space: Design a Space Station