OAA Test Prep

Here are just a few websites to help you get ready for this year's Ohio Achievement Assessments! Every little bit helps, try to spend a few minutes each week getting ready for the tests!

ODE - OAA Information



5th Grade OAA - What should my child be able to do?



Ohio Department of Education - Online OAA Practice


ODE - OAA Scoring 2 & 4 Point Questions: Check out this great website that allows you see HOW the OAA extended response questions are scored! It also allows YOU to score a few questions to see if YOU can figure out what should be in the answer! Great Practice!

Testing Advice from Mrs. Nettling's Website!

Math Advice: http://www.leslienettling.com/How2DoBestonMathTest.htm

Reading Advice: http://www.leslienettling.com/How2DoBestonReadingTest.htm