Working with Videos

Many of us are now creating tutorial videos to use with our students. There is not a lot of storage space on the district server, so you may want to open a TeacherTube or SchoolTube account so you can upload your videos to their servers and provide the links to your students. You may also embed uploaded videos on your webpages. The difference between these to is that when you provide the link to your students, they watch the video on the TeacherTube or SchoolTube site. If you embed the video (provide the code to run it), the students watch the streamed feed on your site. Here are examples of both:


Watch this video about Jamestown. To create this link, I found the video on TeacherTube and copied the link information. I clicked on the Link icon, pasted the information and Saved the page.

Embedded Jamestown video:


To embed the video, I found the video on TeacherTube and copied the Embeddable Player code. Next, I clicked on the Source icon at the top of this page (find the Cancel button, move the cursor below and all the way to the right). I then pasted the embed code after all the other code on the page. Click on the Source icon again to return to regular look of the screen. Click on Save Page. To see it working, click on the View Live Site link at the top of the page.