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Calamity Day Lessons
elesson #1

American Sign Language  – E-lesson plan #1



The students will become acquainted with the lives of famous Deaf people and know the contributions that each Deaf  person has made to our society and to Deaf culture.


Your work for today has three parts. You must complete each part in order to get full credit.  Your work needs to be turned in two weeks after the date of the calamity day.


Part One

Google the two famous Deaf people listed below and find the following information about each.


Clayton Valli

Anthony Natale


  1. Why is s/he famous in the Deaf community? (For what is he known?) (2 pts)
  2. How and when did s/he become Deaf. (2 pts)
  3. Five facts about him/her that you didn’t know before. (5 pts)

4.  If you could meet him/her what are 3 questions you would ask him/her?



Part Two:

Go to and spend a few minutes “warming up” by watching and guessing a few words.  Then watch the next 15 words and fill out the chart located at the end of these directions.  You will be listing the word, at what speed you watched it, and how many times it took before you were able to understand it.


**If you find that you understand it right away, try it on the next fastest speed.


**This is to be done individually.  There should not be any duplicated lists of words.


Part Three:

On the due date, I will give you a partner and you will sign your words from your list to each other. 



You will receive two different grades on this assignment.  One for the completion of the above work (15 pts) and one for the spelling “quiz” your partner gives you. (15 pts)








Speed at which you watched it

How many times did it take before you got it?