How Can You Be a Bucket Filler?

How Can You Be a Bucket Filler?


          1.   Open the door for someone

          2.   Tell someone that they look pretty today

          3.   Share your toy with someone

          4.   Sharpen someone’s pencil for them

          5.   Help your partner

          6.   Pick up someone’s backpack (or other belongings)

          7.   Help someone do their job

          8.   Ask someone to play with you on the playground

          9.   Clean up without being asked

          10. Clean up even though you didn’t make the mess

          11. Make sure someone is feeling OK

          12. Give a compliment to a kid or an adult

          13. Hold the door for someone with their hand full

          14. Smile at someone you don’t know

          15. Be extra helpful to teachers or other adults

          16. Offer to help someone who appears to be struggling

          17. Tell someone you like their work

          18. Treat others the way you would like to be treated

          19. Other


      Try to fill a bucket EVERY DAY!