E-Day Lesson MATH

Welcome to your E Day Lesson for math.  We have been working on fractions for the past month and will be continuing on for a few more weeks.  Below is your lesson that connects to fractions.

  1.  Log into Think Central
    1. Login: first initial, first four letters of last name
    2. Password: birthday  ex: February, 14 2014  (021414)
  2. Choose one of the Animated Models that deals with Fractions.
  3. Complete the lesson on Fractions

                                           OR.. . . . 

You can do the following activity on PAPER and return it to me.  See below: 

                            Activity:  "Fractions of My Day" 

One day is broken into 24 hours.  One day is 1440 minutes.  Break down your day 

into fractions (either in hours or minutes….. / 24   or   / 1440) and describe

what you do in those fractions of your day!  Make sure the WHOLE day is used!