Teddy Bear Times January 17,2020

Teddy Bear Times  

News from Mrs. Gauen’s Kindergarten

     Jan. 17, 2020

Remember there is no school on Monday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Today we talked about his dream and how we can all make that dream come true!


Next week we’ll begin studying penguins. We’ll read lots of non-fiction books as we learn about the different species of penguins and their habitats. We’ll also make a penguin for the hallway and compare the children’s height to that of an emperor penguin. The following week we’ll read some wonderful fiction stories about Tacky the Penguin, a whimsical character created by Helen Lester.


We are approaching a very exciting milestone in kindergarten... our 100th day of school!!!! We will celebrate on January 30th.  Each child is asked to create a 100th day collection for this day.  Please see the attached note about how to create the collection.


In preparation for our class Valentine’s party on Feb. 14th we need half gallon cardboard juice cartons. We’ll make them into mailboxes to hold the children’s valentines. Please send in a clean, half gallon cardboard carton by Feb. 3rd.


Please remember to listen to your child read each day and sign the reading log in the reading bag. Daily practice will help improve fluency and develop confidence. Some of you have asked for ideas to help with learning sight words.  Here are a few ideas: let your child practice writing the words using a small chalkboard or dry erase board, writing the words on a tray filled with salt, writing on a tray with shaving cream on it, and magnetic letters(available at the dollar store) are a fun way to practice words and letters. Give your child a newspaper page and ask him/her to find a specific letter or word, as you read stories each day ask your child to find either a letter or word in the story (this is a great way to reinforce looking at initial consonants), play “I spy” in the car using road signs or restaurant signs.  As you do these activities, remember to keep it positive. If your child becomes frustrated, stop and go back to the activity later. Doing a variety of activities will keep your child motivated! Remember the expectation for kindergarten is that the children will be able to read and write the 25 words on List One, although many students will master more words than just this list. Please take time each day to review the words on the word ring.If your child can already do the words on list one than move on to list two.


Have a great long weekend,

Kathy Gauen


Dates to Remember

Jan. 20th- NO SCHOOL for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday

Jan. 30th - 100th day of kindergarten!!!!  Collections are due that day. See the attached note.

Feb.14th Class Valentine’s Day Party. Please send in a half gallon cardboard juice carton by Feb. 3rd to make a Valentine box at school.

March 5th- Family Engagement night Save the date for a fun filled evening with your child.