Teddy Bear Times Dec.13,2019

Teddy Bear Times

News from Mrs. Gauen’s Kindergarten

Dec. 13, 2019


This will be our final edition of Teddy Bear Times for 2019. I will not be sending home a newsletter or red folder next week. Remember there is no school from Dec.20th-Jan. 5th. Next week we will be talking about different traditions and holildays that children celebrate around the world. Today I talked to them about St. Lucia day which is a Swedish holiday from my heritage. 


Our student council is selling candy canes for 25 cents at lunch next Monday and Tuesday. 


Our Winter party will be on Thursday at 2:15. If you volunteered to bring something it is listed here__________________________________________.


When we return from Winter break achievement records will be distributed. You will be able to view them online using your child’s login information.  


I have collected all of the reading books from the Book in the Bags. Please encourage your child to read each day over break. They should have a nice collection of shoebox books at this point to choose from each day. This daily reading is so important to keep those hard earned skills!! I don’t want the children to lose those skills they have worked so hard to learn. I also included a copy of our kindergarten word list in the bag in case the original was lost. 


Remember the children are expected to read and write these words. A little practice each day will help them achieve this goal. Many of the children are reading over 20 words already and some have mastered list one already and have moved on to list two.


This week I did not meet with reading groups since I was doing end of the quarter assessments. Thank you for all your help at home with your child’s reading and math skills. They have made so much progress since August!

Many of them can identify and write all the numbers 0-20, know the letters and letter sounds and are beginning to use them to write words and stories. This is always a very exciting time of year as the children begin to put all the pieces of the learning puzzle together to read, write and solve math problems. I am so proud of them!!!


If you are looking for good ideas for a fun read aloud book to purchase for your child for the holidays, any of the Laura Numeroff books we will be reading would be a great choice. The children love these;

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

If You Give a Pig a Pancake

If You Give a Moose a Muffin

If You Give a Pig a Party

If You Take a Mouse to School

If You Take a Mouse to the Movies

If You Give a Cat a Cupcake …and the newest book 

If You Give a Mouse a Brownie


I hope you and your family have a wonderful, joy filled time over the next few weeks. I am looking forward to spending time with our family both here and in Chicago and Milwaukee. 


My very best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a wonderful winter break.

Kathy Gauen