Teddy Bear Times Nov. 15,2019

Teddy Bear Times

News from Mrs. Gauen’s Kindergarten

     Nov.15, 2019

Last Monday we had our Veteran’s Day assembly. I was so proud of our class. They were very respectful and silent during the presentation of the flag and listened carefully to the presentations. They also did a great job of singing  the songs Mrs. Kincer had taught them. Each child made a card to thank a Veteran and we will be sending those overseas. A huge thank you to Fiona’s Dad, Mr. Carden, who came to class on Monday and shared with the children about his service to our country. Thank you to all those who shared the names of Veterans in your family so we could recognize them on our Wall of Honor. 


In addition to learning about Veterans Day, this week we have continued to  learn about Pilgrim life and the Wampanoag tribe. We have begun doing shared writing about Thanksgiving and have been creating captions for our bulletin board. We will continue to add to this next week. On Tuesday, Nov. 26th our studies will culminate with a feast. We will will wear the Pilgrim hats we will be making. We will have popcorn, carrots, apples, turkey and apple cider. We will also make cranberry sauce and cornbread to enjoy that day. There will be a sign up sheet on the classroom door if you would like to contribute. Please either sign the list or email me at 

gauenk@wcsoh.org if you can contribute. .Please do not send in any additional food that day. We will need: 25 large plates, 25 napkins, 2 jugs of apple cider, 4 boxes of Jiffy brand cornbread mix, a large bag of carrots,and  a large bag of popped popcorn. 


This week our school began  collecting for a food drive to benefit WARM. This is a local food pantry that helps Westerville families in need. Each school in the district has been assigned certain food to collect. Our school has been asked to donate Go Go Squeeze Veggie Blend, 5 oz tuna cans, snack size Slim Jims, fruit cups and 15 oz ravioli.  Please try to send in donations for this great cause that will help those in our own community. We are keeping a daily tally in our classroom and will track how many donations we collect. This is an excellent opportunity for our students to be able to share in helping others. I have challenged the class to see if we can bring in 100 items. We need lots more donations to reach that goal.


This week at the writing center the children created a feather and then wrote about something they were thankful for. I put all the feathers together and made a  class turkey that is displayed in our hallway!


Don’t forget to continue to send in the box tops!! Each one is worth 10 cents for our school. Don’t forget to look for those box tops as you are preparing your Thanksgiving feast!


Have a great weekend, 

Kathy Gauen           

Next Week’s Activities

We’ll be continuing to work on learning the sight words I, see ,a ,the, like, am ,can ,my, is,in, it, he, she, me and we. This week and next we will be adding said and you.


We will be learning about Pilgrim and Native American life and comparing their lives to our lives today.