Teddy Bear Times September 20,2019

Teddy Bear Times

News from Mrs. Gauen’s Kindergarten

September 20, 2019


On Thursday we attended the district created Bus Musical to help the children learn and remember safety rules for the bus. Ask your child if he or she can tell you one of the rules.

Next week we will begin using classroom volunteers. If you signed up to help, there is a letter in the red folder. Please remember that siblings cannot join you at school during volunteering. I am looking forward to welcoming helpers into our community. When you arrive please check in with the office. They will have paperwork for you to complete.

This week we read the book The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree and then in the art center they used sponges to create four apple trees to represent the four seasons. Today we graphed the colors of the apples the children brought to school and then used them to make applesauce. The children were fascinated by the process and most of them enjoyed tasting their creation as well!!

Next week we'll be learning about  Johnny Appleseed. We will learn about his life and how he loved nature. We will also talk about how important it is to take care of animals and nature.

On Oct.16th we’ll be taking a field trip to Lynd’s Apple Orchard during our regular school day. The Huber Ridge PTA will be covering the cost of the trip. Sorry but siblings cannot join us that day at the farm. If you would like to join us I put a sign up on the outside door or you can email me. Because of limited space on the bus, some parents may need to carpool to the farm and meet us there. More details will be sent home closer to the date of the trip. For those who may have siblings who attended kindergarten at Huber Ridge, we are not doing the pumpkin farm trip because Lynd’s did not offer that as an option this year. They had a small crop of pumpkins because of all the rain earlier this year. We will be learning about apples and picking a bag of apples.

I hope your child has shared the shoebox books that have been sent home. Each week your child will bring home a new book intended to help reinforce emerging reading skills. Ask your child to read the book to you and then put it in the box for further reading. My hope is the shoebox will become a source for books your child can read independently.

Have a great weekend, 

Kathy Gauen           


Remember school will dismiss next Thursday at 2:25 for teacher professional development.


Next Week’s Activities

We’ll be continuing to work on learning the sight words I, see, a, the, like,can and we will add am and my.

ABC Center                                                               Computers

using magnet letters to make the words                      Lexia                      

we are learning and then writing them                                                            

123 Center                                                                 Science Center

Counting and matching apples and numbers            a sequence story about an apple                                                                                                       

Art Center                                            

Johnny Appleseed                                                         Puzzles    

Listening Center   

The Leaves Are Falling                                   

Writing Center

Practicing writing a simple sentence