Teddy Bear Times September 6,2019

Teddy Bear Times

News from Mrs. Gauen’s Kindergarten

Sept. 6,2019

If you did not sign up for a conference time at curriculum night, please stop by the classroom and do so. I  will have the sign- up sheets posted inside the outside classroom door for the next week. Conferences will be Wednesday evening October 23rd and all day and evening on Thursday the 24th. There will be no classes on the 24th and 25th. 


Included in today’s folder is a permission slip for our trip to see The Bus Musical on September 19th from 9:15-11:15. Please sign the form and return it in the red folder on Monday. Remember all your child’s online forms, including the emergency medical forms,  must be completed online to go on the trip.


If you have not already joined our PTA please return the form in the backpack with your payment and join us. I am on the board as a staff member and the PTA does lots of great things for our school, including funding the bus and  field trip to the apple orchard next month. Our first meeting of the year was last night. Watch the school newsletter for future meeting dates!!!


This week we read multiple versions of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and compared the stories and I introduced words like: characters, setting, author and illustrator. We also talked about the sequence of what happened in the stories. Next week we will work on a book about the story. 


On Thursday the children visited the library for the second time. We have begun our regular schedule of checking out books on “E days. (“E” days are every 6 days of school) If your child returns a book he/she will be able to get a new book. Kindergarten students are allowed to check out one book at a time. These are books for you to read to your child. When your child brings the book home please help him/her to remember to keep the book in a safe place and not to mix it up with their own books. We have talked about how the library book should live in the backpack unless the children are reading it with you. If your child goes to daycare, please remind him/her not to take the book out at daycare.


The children are beginning to adjust to the classroom routine and next week I hope to begin to pull small groups to the reading table to do some activities with me. As the children become more independent I will be able to do more of these small groups. The class earns drops in the bucket for remembering helpful behaviors such as working quietly at center time, taking turns during discussions, walking quietly in the hallway or following directions during special time (Music, Art, PE or library). When we have 20 drops in the bucket, the class earns an incentive such as an extra recess. They earned their second incentive already this week. I told them how proud I am of their good choices!


Next week we’ll talk about colors. We’ll read some wonderful books such as The Mixed Up Chameleon, Little Blue and Little Yellow and Mouse Paint. The children will create a colorful rainbow sculpture. We will also continue to look for our new words: I, see, a, the in our stories that we read together.


Have a great weekend,

 Kathy Gauen


Sight words we are learning this month:  I, see, a, can

New word for next week:  the   Please encourage your child to look for these words in books you are reading to them each day.

Our Class Goals for the month of September are:

  1. I can write my name the kindergarten way. (A capital letter at the beginning and the rest lower case)

  2. I know the Huber High Five.

  3. I can write the numbers 0-10.

Dates to remember

September 12th- Picture Day  Order forms were sent home in last week’s red folder.

September 19th- Bus Musical at Westerville Central during the morning.

                                             Next Week’s Centers                

 ABC                                                                 Puzzles          

 Matching letters                                 

1,2,3                                                                   Shoebox Book                           

Counting practice                                          School


We will make a caterpillar using an AB pattern   Listening Center                                                 

Writing Center                                                 

   Practicing writing numbers 2,3,4,5


We have begun using the computers during our morning work time. Each child will get a minimum of 30 minutes twice a week on the computer.