Calamity Day Lesson 3-5



MATERIALS: White paper, Selected drawing tools, ex. Pen, Pencil, Crayon, Marker., Ruler.

OBJECTIVES: Students will create a work of art using drawing skills to illustrate a selected number or letter in different visual representations.

VOCABULARY: Line, Shape, Size, Direction, Visual texture, Composition, Typography.


Students will measure the white paper into 9 equal boxes.

Students will select one letter or number.

Students will design nine different visual representations of the selected letter or number.

Students will create a composition that fills of each of the nine spaces. (See Example Below)

Students may use color as a design element or make the design monochrome(Black and White).


__ A letter or number is illustrated.

__ 9 Different visual represenations of the same concept.

__Each represenation is unique.

__ Each of the 9 spaces is a full composition.

 Lesson photo