Social Studies 7, Period 1 Files & Links

 Go Up a Folder E-Day lesson (Snow Day Lesson)
  • people and power - types of government.pdf
    After you have read the article, choose one government, OTHER THAN THE UNITED STATES, that you would like to live under and write a paragraph to explain why. Also choose TWO other world governments and explain why you WOULD NOT like to live under those forms of government.
  • THIRD E-day lesson (geography2.docx)
    This lesson is to be used if we have a third e-day. Read the article on the first two pages, then complete the questions on the third page.
  • E-Day lesson #2 (gps & the constitution.pdf)
    This lesson is to be used if we have a second E-Day. We have talked about the influence of the the laws of the Greek, Roman, and Byzantine cultures on modern law in the US. Law changes as the times and technology change. Read the attached article and write two paragraphs discussing (1) what you think about the police using GPS to track suspected criminals and (2) how you would feel if your parents used GPS to keep track of where you were when you went out with your friends.