Reading Seminar

Reading Seminar LA421 Grade Levels: 9, 10

Course Length: Semester, 1 period

Credit: .50 elective only -- with option to repeat to earn maximum of 1.0 credits

Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory (no letter grade)

Recommended: Assessment data Instruction and learning activities in this course provide students with support for developing strategies that aid reading of academic and nonacademic texts. Assessment data is used to determine student strengths and weaknesses. This data will inform instruction related to comprehension, fluency, vocabulary knowledge, work/study skills and metacognition.

The focus of the class is to develop and support empowered readers. This entails (1) developing cognitive reading strategies that aid students in acquiring, retaining, and demonstrating knowledge of academic content and (2) facilitating authentic communities of readers. Students develop understanding and use of “tools” that serve as an addition to the support they receive in content classrooms and are provided with additional opportunities to read high-interest passages and to connect with literary resources.


Length:  one semester

0.5 elective credit only