7th grade Schedule

Westerville Middle School 7th Grade Scheduling Instructions
2020-2021 School Year

Students will have 7 instructional periods during the 2020-2021 school year plus lunch.  Seventh graders will have the opportunity to choose to enroll in advanced coursework and music elective options that fit their interests and post-secondary goals.  As you develop your requests, review your career interests and strengths in Naviance Student to help guide your conversations!



Packet will be provided at school on 3/11/20 - it is also attched HERE

Which is best for the student - Comparing courses in the 7th grade - "Why should I take an advanced course?"

Copy of scheduling sheet HERE

Advanced Language Arts information video

Accelerated Math 7 information video

   Additional math information to consider before moving from Math 6 to Acc. Math 7

Advanced Social Studies information video

Advanced Science information video


Directions:  Review the attached course descriptions and information guide on advanced and compacted coursework and draft your course requests on the schduling sheet.  Have your student bring this sheet with them to school on March 16th - students will meet with Mrs. Huck during their Science class to enter their requests into Powerschool. 

Students will indicate their course requests by google form April 20-24th. The form will be emailed to families and the link will be available on schoology and on this page.

Please note that course sections are built upon staffing availability and course requests and not all requests may be scheduled. 


Class of 2026 Scheduling Timeline

March 11th

Counselor Classroom Visits

  • Students review the scheduling worksheet with Mrs. Huck - take home to family for review - bring back to school on Monday 3/16

April 20th

Students receive the form to put course requests into a google form


April 24th 

Schedule requests are due TODAY 4/24!



SAMPLE   7th grade student schedule


First Semester

Second Semester

1st Period

Social Studies 7

Social Studies 7

2nd Period

Visual Arts 7

Engineering and Design

3rd Period

Language Arts 7

Language Arts 7

4th Period

Math 7

Math 7

5th Period



6th Period 

Study Hall

Health / Medical Detectives

7th Period

Advanced Science 7

Advanced Science 7

8th Period



Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Huck with any questions you may have!