Huck Day - Stuff to do!

Resources during our additional days out of school March 17 - May 1st:


Check out Naviance - school zip code is 43082    

User ID is your student ID number, password information is the same as your chrome book! click SIGN-IN > student


Things to explore


Mindfulness & Stress Relief Online Resources

Virtual Relaxation Room: Check this resource out for tips on practicing mindfulness, relaxation techniques, and soothing music.

Coping With Stress: Learn about some signs and behaviors and ways to relieve your stress. Information provided by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Smiling Mind: This app provides daily guided mindfulness and meditation videos and audio for students and parents/guardians. This video describes the positive effects that mindfulness has on the brain. 

Sesame Street: Sesame Street’s website provides many resources for young children to do individually or with a parent/caregiver. You can create an account to save your favorite videos and activities, though this is not required. Some activities include:


CDC Managing Stress & Anxiety: Information provided by the CDC on how to manage stress for young people and all individuals during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Body Scan for Kids by Mindful: “An 11 minute body scan for children to help bring calmness, attention, and appreciation to hectic daytime routines and marathon bedtime rituals.”

Headspace: Online resource for meditation, sleep improvement, stress and anxiety, and healthy living. You can try for free for 2 weeks. They are currently offering free services due to the COVID-19 crisis. Offering free services to all k-12 educators, administrators, and support staff in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada, as well as services targeted for healthcare professionals and workplace managers. 


Calm Mindfulness Journal: Downloadable (PDF) structured mindfulness journal.