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Welcome Wilder students and families. I am thrilled to be a part of Mrs. Fischer and Mrs. Speakman's classroom again this year. I will be working collaboratively with the teachers to make communication in the classroom a priority. The Wilder staff is truly amazing and I am very lucky to be a part of their team. 
  • Communication Skills

    Successful communication happens when people with communication difficulties can use their Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) system both at home and at school. Families are so important in this process and can help the child succeed in his or her communication attempts. 

    Kids learn how to speak by hearing their parents, teachers, siblings talk. Similarly, AAC learners also need to see what it looks like to communicate using their AAC systems in real conversations.  This is critical to the development of independent use of the system. 

    You need to model words and sentences on the AAC system regularly. To do this you can use the AAC system, by pointing to words, when you talk with your child, just as your child would do when talking with you. You don't need to model every single word you say. Instead, model the core words - the most important words. This will also help you in learning the vocabulary available on the device. Can't find a word, no problem... under letters/numbers on the ACCENT 1000, you can click the word finder. Type in the icon you are looking for and it will help you locate that word on the device. 


    For more information, check out www. assistiveware.com

  • Conferences

    If you would like me to attend your student's conference, please email me with the day and time. I will be splitting my days between Wilder and Annehurst, but will do my best to accommodate your needs. I am also happy to meet with you individually if you so desire. Email or call to set up a time. Thank you!

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