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Annehurst Mission Statement:

Annehurst Elementary provides a safe environment and guides the academic, social, and emotional growth of children using best practices. We are a community of flexible, reflective learners who collaborate, cooperate, and communicate providing consistency among staff, students, and the community. Our students will grow to be responsible world citizens who are respectful, independent, hard-working, life-long learners.


Speech Therapy Mission Statement: 


In our classroom, we will work hard to create a quiet, happy learning environment. We will have an ''I can'' attitude to achieve our individual goals, work as a group, support each other and try our best every day.

Speech Therapy News
  • Student Conferences

    If you would like me to attend your student's conference, please email me with the day and time. I will be splitting my days between Wilder and Annehurst, but will do my best to accommodate your needs. I am also happy to meet with you individually if you so desire. Email or call to set up a time. Thank you!

  • Welcome back letter

    August 22, 2016


    Hello and welcome back to the 2016-2017 school year. I am beginning my 7th year as Speech-Language Pathologist for Annehurst Elementary and Wilder Elementary schools. I am excited to start a new year and to serve your student’s speech and language needs.


    I start Speech and Language Therapy by collecting baseline data on the skills identified on your student’s Individual Education Program (IEP). I will begin collecting data for the next few weeks and use this data to assess progress over the school year. I will also work closely with your student’s teacher to appropriately group students and determine a time for their therapy session to meet the needs outlined on the IEP.It is my top priority to schedule your student in a time that least interrupts their academic content. Once again this year, I will be following an inclusion model for those students where this instruction is appropriate. The inclusion model is  where I will provide services in the classroom to best support their academic needs.  You will receive notification of your child’s service delivery method and times in the near future.


    This year, I have decided to implement a Speech notebook. I will provide your child with a notebook that we will use as an interactive notebook. Your student will use this notebook during our therapy sessions and will bring this notebook home for carryover of the practiced skills at home. You and I can use this notebook to keep in contact throughout the school year and to coordinate home support for your student. Without practice and encouragement from those closest to them, progress will be minimal. Please make sure this notebook is returned with your child on his/her therapy days. Due to limited resources, I will only be providing one notebook. If your student loses their notebook, it will be the student’s responsibility to replace the notebook for continued use throughout the year.


    Last year, I implemented the use of brag tags for behavior management. Brag tags are a classroom incentive system that are used to encourage, promote, and celebrate positive behavior. When I find a student demonstrating “brag tag worthy” behavior I provide them with a brag tag to hang on their designated ring. Once ten brag tags are earned, the student will be able to pick a random prize from my bingo board and will be able to bring their brag tags home to share with you. For pictures and more information on the reward system, please see my website. You will also find informational packets and practice opportunities posted for your reference. I will add information to the website, throughout the year, so be sure to check in often.


    Finally, it is required that we meet annually to update your student’s IEP. I will be offering before school and during school meetings this year. Because of my limited after- school availability, I will be scheduling your student’s meetings, within the next few weeks, to give you ample time to make arrangements for the meeting. If you are unable to attend a face-to-face meeting, we can always complete the meeting over the phone, as needed. Please complete and return the attached IEP preference sheet so I can accommodate your needs.


    I look forward to working with you and your student this year. Please do not hesitate to contact me. Email is generally the quickest way to contact me during the school day. You can also leave a note in your student’s speech notebook or reach me through the Annehurst or Wilder Elementary School line. I am looking forward to a wonderful year.


    Warm regards,


    Christine Eshenbaugh MA, CCC/SLP

    Annehurst Elementary 614-797-7000

    Wilder Elementary 614-797-7330

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