November 4

November 4, 2011

Language Arts
This week in writing we learned about expository paragraphs and have started writing our rough drafts about something that is important to us. Our spelling objective was to learn that two or more consonants in a diagraph spell a single sound that is different from any of the letters alone. Next week in spelling we will focus on prefixes being added to base words.
We are learning a new concept in grammar, which focuses on combining sentences into compound sentences by using the words and or but.
Our current Read Aloud is a book called Captain Nobody by Dean Picthford.
This week the class started the chapter 7 math packet on telling time. They have learned how to tell time in different ways, as well as elapsed time. Next week we will continue to work on telling time and review more elapsed time.
The students made their very own clocks in class. We have used them every day during math and I encourage each student to practice telling time with their clocks at home.
Other Notes and Important Dates
Dates to remember:
November 8: Waiver Day, no classes for students
The keyboarding club was a success this week and students really liked learning how to type. We will continue to have the keyboard club next week in the computer lab for about 20 minutes during lunch/recess time. Students will still get about half of their recess time afterwards. Anyone is welcome to join who has not already! J
The Fall party was so much fun today! Thank you to all of the parents who came in to help! The students had a great time eating the delicious snacks, decorating their tiles, and playing games!
Have a great weekend!
Science/Social Studies/Health
Today ended our unit on soil and the students took the soil assessment. Earlier this week we did a few engaging experiments on how well sand, clay, and humus each retained water and also how well each type settled. The students really enjoyed working in groups and learning about these soil concepts.
Next week, on Wednesday, we will move from science to social studies and learn about communities.