Mrs. Kerns – 4th grade eDay Lessons

eDay Lessons and Information:  The State of Ohio offers school districts an online option for making up calamity days in excess of the 5 permitted in Ohio Revised Code,  In August of 2011, our Board of Education passed a resolution in support of this option for up to three days of calamity closures (days 6, 7, and 8). The resolution, which gained the Ohio Department of Education, states that the on-line lessons will be developed and graded by our teachers in the same manner as all classroom lessons.  Students without internet access will be provided the opportunity to complete the lessons when schools do reopen.


The eDay lessons for my class will be posted on my webpage in the folder labeled “Calamity Day eLessons.”  If you have trouble with computer access, your child will be able to complete the lessons when they return to school.  Day 6 will be the first calamity day past the five days we have already used.  Day 7 will be the second and day 8 will be the third.  We are only allowed 3 “Calamity Day eLessons.”


To get to my webpage, go to .  Hover over Our Schools, Elementary Schools, and click on Alcott.  Click on Staff Websites.  Select Kerns, Laura.  On the left hand side, click on Calamity Days eLessons


***Lessons will not be published until an eDay has been issued.  The links will be available on my webpage on the left side under the Calamity Day eLessons folder.