Under no circumstances will the WCS Web site or connectivity be used for financial or commercial activities such as, buying, advertising or selling goods or services, unless for legitimate District purposes and approved by District officials. The WCS Web does not accept paid advertising or sponsorship from commercial entities and does not promote commercial entities.

However, an individual school or office Web page may contain:

  • The name of, logo of, icon of and/or link to an on-line product, service or resource purchased for use by the school or District.
  • The name, logo and/or icon of businesses that have been officially recognized as District partners and have given permission for its use.
  • A link to a business partner’s Web site if it is determined to serve an educational purpose or further foster the business partnership.

Content or Web tools provided at no cost by a third party are permitted on school or office Web sites on a case-by-case basis. The Office of Communications and Technology should be notified before any third-party content or tools are added to the Web site. Approved third-party content or tools should:

  • Support the educational purposes of WCS.
  • Be used with permission.
  • Be credited to the publisher, author, or owner.
  • Include the following disclaimer: “This material is provided free of charge and does not indicate WCS endorsement or sponsorship.”