Any content to be posted to the Web site must have a clear purpose that is consistent with the Westerville City School District mission: “To prepare students to contribute to the competitive and changing world in which we live.” Web content also must meet standards for appropriateness and comply with all school District policies, regulations, administrative procedures and school rules. Inappropriate content includes, but is not limited to, content that:

  • Violates state or federal law;
  • Goes against District policies and/or regulations;
  • Poses a potential threat to the health and/or safety of students;
  • May be perceived as advocating student drug, alcohol or tobacco use; m
  • May be perceived as advocating violence, discrimination or other illegal activities;
  • Contains language or images that are obscene, libelous, slanderous, profane, harassing or derogatory; or
  • Causes, or might reasonably be predicted to cause, disruption or interference with school activities.

Web site content must be kept current and complete, particularly operational and time-sensitive information, such as contact information (addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.), calendar items, directories, and start of school information. Content also should be well written and meet academic standards for proper spelling, grammar, content, attribution and accuracy. Undoubtedly, errors will occur. However, errors should be corrected as soon as they are discovered. Only files intended for public view should be posted to Web pages and/or stored in the content management system.

WCS retains the right to restrict or reject, in part or in whole, material posted or proposed for posting on the Web site. The District owns all materials made available on-line through the content management system and may delete or modify this material at any time. The Executive Director of Communications and Technology and/or his/her designee are the final authority for determinations regarding the appropriateness of Web site content.

WCS’s goal is to make all possible Web sites under its control “508 compliant” in accordance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1998.  Downloadable files (such as Flash animations, audio and video files, PDF documents, etc.) must be labeled as such along with their document type.  Files used in WCS pages must not require the user to download third-party software.

The principal or administrator of the individual school or office is ultimately responsible for supervising the individual school or office website and are responsible for the following functions:

  • Maintaining the school or office Web site content;
  • Reviewing the site to ensure it meets identified standards, policies and regulations;
  • Requesting publishing privileges from the Office of Communications and Technology for persons who will create or maintain school or office Web sites and notifying Office of Communications and Technology when these persons are no longer designated to perform such functions;
  • Consulting Publicity Consent Forms to confirm permission to use personally-identifying student information;
  • Removing any content or links that fail to comply with requirements for educational purposes or appropriateness, or which are identified as copyrighted material;
  • Consulting Office of Communications and Technology before creating, redesigning, or adding new technologies to their sites;
  • Performing similar functions for other Internet technologies that are approved for school use with the same responsibilities as outlined above;
  • Receiving and documenting comments from users and the public regarding the Internet presence and sending those to Office of Communications and Technology for review; and
  • Safeguarding the security and integrity of the system and protecting user information and District data.