Literature Studies

Connect to the Past and READ

Each semester during the school year, students read a historical book that helps them connect to real life settings of American History.  In the first semester, students will chose a nonfiction title, and in the second semester, they will explore a historical fiction title of their choice.

  1. Historical Nonfiction: Examples include biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, journals, travelogues, collections of letters or speeches, and reference books.
  2. Historical Fiction: Significant events in U.S. history must have a vital role to the plot.


Choosing the Right Book

Setting Requirements = PLACE: any location in North America (preferably the United States) & TIME: any time between the years 1492-1877

Interest = Choose a topic that interests YOU!  There's nothing more awful than reading about something you aren't remotely concerned with.

Challenge = Books should be appropriately challenging for you.  All titles will need teacher approval before proceeding.