Kindergarten In Westerville

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Kindergarten registration appointments will begin January 11, 2021.  We look forward to meeting our new families and greeting our returning families. Kindergarten is required for children before entering first grade. If your child will be five years old on or before September 30, 2021, you may register him/her for kindergarten.  Westerville City Schools offers both Half-Day and All-Day Kindergarten within each home school.  All-Day Kindergarten is a fee-based, lottery program with tuition assistance available to those that qualify.  Additional details can be found at




Kindergarten 101 Video Introductions and Overview

Kindergarten 101 is a presentation by principals and Kindergarten teachers. The purpose of the presentation is to inform parents of the process for enrolling their child for Kindergarten, educating parents on the typical Kindergarten day and what is expected of our Kindergarteners throughout the school year.  This year, Kindergarten 101 will be prerecorded and available via a link from this site at 5:00 p.m. on January 6.


Enroll early to secure a spot in your home school!

Parents must pre-register online (which will include scheduling an appointment).   To pre-register online visit the district enrollment page at beginning January 8, 2021 after 10:00 a.m.  The All-Day Kindergarten application is part of the enrollment process for students new to the district.  Additional details can be found at


Kindergarten Gentle Start and First Day of School

In July, parents will receive a letter from their child’s school with an assigned date and time that their Kindergarten child is to report to school for Gentle Start.  Gentle Start will take place during August 12-16. Kindergarteners will attend school on one of those three days.

ALL Kindergarteners, however, will report to school on August 17.


Kindergarten Instructional Hours

  • AM:  9:05 - 11:45 a.m.
  • PM: 12:50 - 3:30 p.m.
  • All-Day Kindergarten:  9:05 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.





How do I know if my child is ready for kindergarten?

If your child has attended preschool, talk with his/her teacher.


What is my child expected to know and what should my child be able to do when entering kindergarten?

Westerville City Schools has prepared a listing of ways you can help your child prepare to begin school (see website). The Ohio Department of Education also has resources at


If my child is younger than the cut-off, can I have him/her tested to enroll?

Typically, children must turn five years old before September 30 to enroll in kindergarten for the coming school year. However, children who turn five between October 1 and December 31 can be considered for under age admission upon meeting the criteria set by the district as per the Ohio Department of Education guidelines. In such instances, the child is evaluated to measure his or her maturity to do satisfactory work in kindergarten. Children identified as being academically, socially and emotionally prepared for school may enroll in kindergarten early if recommended to do so by the Gifted Education Department of Westerville City Schools.


May I wait to enroll my child in kindergarten until he is six?

Yes, state law requires compulsory attendance of children between the ages of 6 and 18.


Is kindergarten required?

Yes, Ohio Revised Code 3321.01 specifies a child must successfully complete kindergarten. The kindergarten requirement may be waived in the case of a child who is at least six years of age by September 30 of the year of admittance and who demonstrates to the satisfaction of the committee that he/she possesses the social, emotional, and cognitive skills necessary for first grade.


Where can I get additional information on kindergarten opportunities and activities?

Informational materials will be available online and in the elementary buildings, the Enrollment & Family Resource Center, and the Early Learning Center.


Who can enroll in Westerville City Schools?

In order for your child to attend Westerville City Schools, you

must be a resident of the school district.


Where can I get free immunizations for my child?

See the Immunization Flyer on this page and in the elementary buildings.


Am I allowed to pick which school I want my child to attend?

No, school district boundaries within the city school district will be established by the Superintendent. In establishing these boundaries, due consideration will be given to the capacity of buildings, size of classes, distances, topography, transportation and other pertinent factors. Students will attend the school in the school attendance area in which they reside, unless open enrollment is requested and approved.


May I apply for open enrollment in kindergarten?

Yes, the Westerville City Schools Board of Education wishes to provide opportunities for students to attend schools other than those which they are geographically assigned. Therefore, the Board will permit students to apply for attendance at their school of choice based on criteria and guidelines established by the superintendent.


What school will my child attend?

The best way to determine  which school your child will attend is to contact either the Enrollment and Family Resource Center at 797-7700 or the Office of Transportation at 797-5950.


How do I know if I qualify for the Free & Reduced lunch and breakfast programs?

You may complete an application at or pick-up a paper application available in the school offices after July 1.


What is the Parent Orientation Meeting, and should I bring my child?

Parent Orientation is for the purpose of meeting the building principal and kindergarten classroom teachers, reviewing building procedures, distribution and quick review of the student handbook, and an overview of curriculum. Your child should not attend this meeting.  Your school will determine a date for the Parent Orientation Meeting and it will be in a letter sent to your home in July.


When do I know whether my child will be in the AM or PM session?

A letter is  sent to your home the end of July. indicating whether our child will attend the AM or PM session, your child’s teacher, and your child’s “Gentle Start” date and time.


Am I allowed to request AM  or PM?

Requests for AM or PM sessions may be made by contacting the building secretary following the completion of the enrollment appointment. While every effort is made to accommodate your request, it may not be possible based upon enrollment numbers and transportation schedules. AM and PM sessions are determined by our Transportation Department because of bus scheduling. Decisions are based on many factors including the number of students in your building who walk or ride. Other determining factors can include enrollment in neighboring schools.


How will I learn about bus routing?

Bus transportation schedules are available through the PowerSchool Parent Portal.  (In July, you will receive a letter from your building with information on how to create an account.)  For additional information, please go to or contact transportation at 797-5950.

Does the assessment determine if my child will attend kindergarten? Can my child fail the assessment?

There is not an assessment designed to determine if your child will attend kindergarten.  The only requirement for entrance into kindergarten is that he or she be five years of age by September 30 of the current year.  Kindergarten students will take a series of assessments throughout the fall, as part of the Ohio Department of Education’s KRA (Kindergarten Readiness Assessment). This assessment will provide teachers specific information on what each student knows and is able to do.  This information will be used to drive instruction and indentify areas of intervention for students.


What if my child needs  special services (Speech & Hearing, LD, etc.)?

If you know, or suspect, your child has a disability, contact Westerville City Schools’ Special Education office at  614-797-5900.


How do I determine if my child is gifted?

Though physical development is very similar, gifted preschoolers differ from their same age peers in the way they think and feel. This is referred to as asynchronous development. Recognizing giftedness allows the young child to develop self-confidence, self-esteem, and enthusiasm for learning. Eight areas where a gifted child may exhibit differences as described by the National Association of Gifted Children ( are: curiosity, memory, learning, attention, reasoning/critical thinking, vocabulary, sense of humor, and fluency/creativity/perspective…

Families, teachers, and caregivers should be aware of:

· Intense personalities,

· Hypersensitivity on many levels (welfare for humans, environment, animals and justice),

· Issues of perfectionism and organizational extremes, and

· The child’s need to feel normal at sometimes detrimental costs.

Children should be allowed to follow interests, provided with added opportunities, and loved for who they are, not what they can do.  The Ohio Association of Gifted Children ( and “Teaching Young Gifted Children in the Regular Classroom (ages 4-9)” by J. F. Smutny, S.Y. Walker, and E.A. Mechstroth can be helpful resources for more information on the young gifted learner.  WCS students are evaluated in 2nd grade to determine giftedness in reading, math, and overall cognitive ability. Students who are identified as gifted begin receiving gifted services in 3rd grade.


May I attend school with my child the first few days?

Parents are not permitted to attend school with their child.  Your school may provide an opportunity to visit the classroom for a brief amount of time during that first day.  Please contact your school with specific questions.


What school supplies will my child need?

You will receive a copy of supplies needed in the Back-to-School mailing.


How much are fees for kindergarten students, how are they determined, and how are they used?

Student fees cover the costs of  consumable items including:  paper and student record keeping folders, art supplies (clay, paper, paste, paint), science supplies, math supplies (straws, yarn, dry erase markers, graph paper), printer cartridges and other technology-related consumable supplies. Fees for the upcoming year are posted on the district website.


What kinds of things will my child learn?

Ohio’s Learning Standards define what your child should know and be able to do at every grade level.


Do the students receive grades and/or report cards?

Westerville City Schools has aligned our elementary progress reports with Ohio’s Learning Standards.


May I volunteer in my child’s classroom?

Westerville City Schools welcomes volunteer participation. Volunteers provide needed assistance at all levels of district programming and serve as excellent resources to enrich the lives of our students. Volunteers may be assigned to assist in school activities and programs without recompense.


Do you offer before– and after-school childcare?

Though the school district does not offer a traditional “latchkey” program, there is a school age child care program, YWCA Kids Place, available before and after school through the YWCA for all of our elementary schools. This is a fee-based program that operates independently from the school district. For more information, call the YWCA at (614) 224-9121, ext. 1204.


Will someone make sure my child gets on the right bus?

Measures are in place in every building to make certain new students board the proper busses, including teachers and volunteers who walk students to their bus, bus numbers indicated on student nametags, and assistance from older students.