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PowerSchool offers parents real-time access to grades, attendance, homework assignments and other class information. You can even email teachers or ask for automatic updates on your student’s progress as well as view any school bulletins. Access to PowerSchool is available from anywhere in the world just by using any browser.

To enter the parent portal:

On the PowerSchool login page, click on the link for Parent Portal.  Enter your username and password to create your account, completing the required fields with the desired login and password of your own choosing (we suggest you do not use symbols in your login or password). You will need to enter your parent login and password for each child to properly associate the accounts.  A "Parent Guide to "Single-Sign-On" is available for your use by obtaining a copy from any of our schools.

Once you have logged into the PowerSchool program, you have access to a variety of information at the click of a button. You can view information on your son or daughter at any time. Although information is available 24/7, please allow teachers several days to update grades and information. Any questions you ever have about your son or daughter can still be answered by contacting teachers or administrators.


Use this procedure to add one or more students to your existing parent account. You will need an Access ID and Access Password. If you do not have this information or have questions, contact your school.

Log into your parent portal.  1.  On the start page, click Account Preferences from the navigation menu. The Account Preferences – Profile page appears. 2. Click the Students tab. 3. On the Students tab, click the Add icon to add a student to your parent account. The Add Student dialog appears. 4.  Enter your student's name, the Access ID and Access Password provide for you, and your relationship to the student. 5. Click Submit. The Add Student Dialog closes. The newly added student appears under My Students. Additionally, an account changes confirmation email is sent to your email address.

A "Parent Portal User Guide" is available for your use by obtaining a copy from any of our schools.

Once you have logged into PowerSchool, you will see a menu bar at the top of the page. On this screen, you also will find a complete listing of all your child’s courses, teachers, grades and attendance information. By clicking on the teacher’s name, you can send an e-mail to your child’s teacher. To use this feature, your computer must be set up to send emails from your browser.

The blue links give you more information about your student. If you click on any of these links, it will take you to another screen that displays a list of individual assignments, projects, or class information. Click on those underlined items to find out the details for the assignment.

To return to the first screen, simply click on the Grades and Attendance button at the top of the page or on the PowerSchool graphic.

If your son or daughter is in Elementary School, you can view the marks your child earned by clicking the Standards Grade tab.  A sample of each grade level's Achievement Record is available for your use by downloading the document from this page, or obtaining a copy from any of our schools.

The Grades and Attendance screen also shows when your student was tardy or absent. Click on the numbers in blue to find out the days and classes in which your son or daughter was late or absent.

If your son or daughter is in Middle School or High School, you can also view the grades your child earned after the first semester ended. Click on the icon marked Grades History for a complete listing of those grades.

Click the Attendance History button to see your child’s attendance record. On days when school isn’t in session, a dash will appear. For a complete listing of all attendance codes, scroll to the bottom of the screen.

You can receive automatic e-mail updates and send e-mails to your child’s teachers. After you have logged into PowerSchool, click on the Email Notification button.

To receive automatic email updates from the school, check off the information that you’d like to receive about your son or daughter, how often you’d like to receive it, and whether you want that information sent to you immediately. Be sure to include the email address where you would like the information sent and press the blue Submit button. You can enter multiple email addresses by separating them with a comma. To stop receiving these automatic updates, simply unclick the boxes and press Submit.

Parents of elementary students please note – many elementary teachers may not use the grade book to enter daily assignments.  So, the only information you may see on elementary students will be: Detail report of attendance and School announcements.)

You can email teachers from the Grades and Attendance screen or from the Teachers Comments screen, (click the Teacher Comments button). From time to time, teachers may include remarks about your child. To respond to any teacher, simply click on his or her name. Remember, your computer must be set to send emails from your browser.

The School Bulletin page serves as your school’s message board where the school can post a variety of information for you to view.

During the scheduling process, Westerville parents and students in grades 5 - 11 are able to use online Class Registration.  Students can easily make course requests for the next school year through the portal using the information they received from the school.

A "Parent Guide to Class Registration" is available for your use by downloading the document from this page, or obtaining a copy from any of our schools.

Click the Report Cards button to see your child’s report card.  This is an area where we will keep your child’ historical report cards throughout their Westerville experience.

Parents of middle school students please note – the GPA indicated for the middle school students reflects correctly throughout the current year.  However, at year end, it recalculates to include the GPA for courses counting towards graduation only.

Note - our online grade cards should be viewed using Chrome as your browser. 

The Graduation Progress page displays the student's four-year graduation plan and the progress, indicated by the use of a color coded bar.  Dark green indicates earned credits; light green indicates currently enrolled credits; and yellow indicates requested or planned credits. A green checkmark indicates that a requirement has been completely satisfied.

Parents please note – click on the Submit button to view completed courses and credits earned towards a Westerville City Schools high school diploma.

Students in middle and high school may quality for the Honor Roll based on their quarterly grades.  This information will be reflected here.  Please contact your school regarding Honor Roll requirements.

Student schedules are available for your viewing.

This page contains the physical address and contact information for the school.

This page contains test results for your student.



If you have any questions about PowerSchool at any time, please contact your child’s school.

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